When looking for inspiration for this blog post I came across this quote; “No man was ever so much deceived by another as by himself” and it got me thinking about the importance of self-assessment. So often, in this program especially, we discuss how necessary and important it is to self-reflect, evaluate, and build self-awareness of one’s own thoughts, biases, performance, strengths and weaknesses. This got me thinking, this class may be about assessment and focus on the assessment of client behavior but let us not forget the importance of assessing ourselves in order to keep our biases in check and monitor improvement of weaknesses so that they do not hinder our performance as a consultant.

I think that as a consultant (or even as a coach) it might be a good idea to create your own unique and personalized way to consistently evaluate and asses yourself. It could be in the format of a diary, journalling, a blog, or finding specific assessments tools that examine what it is that is most important to your performance. It may even be as simple as occasional “mental checks”- going through the checklist of how you feel that day, how you felt in session/lesson, what went well, what didn’t go well, and reflecting on your effectiveness.

Where we are right now, DAP or SOAP notes are a great way to engage in or practice self-assesment and become comfortable with what it entails and how it can be beneficial for performance, improvement and future sessions with a client. As important as it is to assess your client- in whatever ways that it might be- it is arguably equally important to engage in self-assessment on a regular basis in order to reach high levels of success as a consultant or coach.