Who is the best male tennis player ever?

Many would say Roger Federer.


Federer has won the most amount of grand slams.  Many would say that would classify him as the best male singles tennis player to ever live.  However, how can that be true when there is an individual who somewhat owns Federer?  I am talking about Nadal who is 18-9 lifetime agains Federer.  That is a 2-1 favor, which is a large amount for someone to be classified as the best ever.  So, how can Federer be listed as the best ever if someone during his era owns him?  Don’t get me wrong.  It is extremely impressive to be at the top of the list with the most amount of title wins in grand slams.  But all I am saying is if one is going to define Federer as the best ever, he sure should have an asterisk after his name which explains Nadal’s 18-9 record versus him.


So, who is the best male tennis player ever?