Does everyone remember those fun physical education assessments that came about two or three times per year in early education? I know I do. What were they really trying to teach us? The shuttle run….ok maybe it can predict if you will be a good sprinter? The timed mile, and the push-up, pull-up, rope, sit and reach, and sit-up tests were all apart of the physical testing being conducted every year I passed through the public school system.

      What is physical education assessment in the public schools really teaching? Not an intrinsic love for sport and physical activity. Instead, it is my opinion that the school system is achieving the opposite. Kids who already struggle in sport are further more put in the spot light as physically lacking, and the kids who excel are put on a medal pedestal of sorts. What I am suggesting is that instead of this physical testing, we should be teaching kids proper fundamental movement patters, and exposing them to every sport possible. I believe physical education should attempt to light an intrinsic fire and passion for physical activity in each student’s life. It is in my opinion that the current physical education system makes students believe that physical activity has to always be ridged, with formal rules and standards. The public school system has a chance to make PE so much more for kids, to teach them that the true value of being active comes from what you personally get form the activity, not about what the scores and rankings say at the end of the night.