We see more and more celebrities and models these day baring it all (by that, I mean not wearing any makeup) to show the public that they are still beautiful without all the extra work. High profile names such as Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian, and Drew Berrymore were just the few of the many who agreed to get their pictures taken without any touch ups by People magazine. Yes, it is refreshing and encouraging for a few minutes, us “normal” people are thinking “wow, they are really confident yet down to earth.” But the reality of the entertainment business “you are how you look” is not going away any time soon.

Hollywood is obsessed with perfection. From extravagant designer outfits to unbelievable plastic surgery procedures, it seems like stars are willing to do anything to achieve perfection. The sad part is all these things they do usually lead to more movie offers, more record sellouts, and more endorsement deals. They are getting the best reward for looking perfect! Who cares if ONE picture of not looking glamorous is going to be out there?!

When we pick up a magazine, the first thoughts we have are “wow, such and such looks amazing. I wish I could look like her.” What we completely ignore 99% of the time is how much time, effort, and money are spent on that one single snap shot. Hair stylists, makeup artists (they are called “artists” for a darn good reason), photographers, lighting staff, oh, don’t forget the people who are in charge of the photo shop process.  

We often say “don’t judge the book by its cover,” but we get so caught up by what we are seeing right in front of our eyes: ordinary people with a little bit more “help,” well, may be a lot of help.