Have you ever tried=out for a team? Have you ever thought about how tryouts are assessments of your sport’s athletic ability? I have been a participant of many sport try-outs; however, never knew what kind of assessments they used to judge performance and ability. Though I am not a baseball player, I found this baseball skill assessment that I thought was interesting to evaluate. I believe it provides some insight into what kind of assessments are being used at try-outs.

One of the positives of this assessment is that I like that it covers all aspects of the game. I also like that it appraises specifics (i.e., mechanics, strength, etc.) and has an overall rating. If a player could do well in each of these areas there is a higher probability that they are a good player; however, it’s not guaranteed because an individual might just perform well in tryouts. On the other hand, if a player scores low in the areas, then it’s easy to eliminate them, but keeping in mind that a player could have a bad tryout.

So, how useful and effective are assessments?

I have evaluated more negatives than positives for this assessment. I dislike how the assessment does not cover game awareness and intelligence. It does provide attitude, hustle, and focus, but it’s tough to say what’s going on inside a player’s head (i.e., a player could seems very comfortable in a practice, but that might not translate to game time). Many of the performance measures are subjective, so what one coach may think is ok range may be excellent range to another coach. While there are overall rankings within each section there is no way to tie them together. Yes a pitcher may not also hit, but there could be some sort of guide filled with if/then statements to consolidate an overall score.

In conclusion, tryouts are an assessment and they are absolutely necessary to establish teams. If using an assessment like this one, it may be very beneficial to have tryouts over a week, so coaches can get a good read on the player’s overall ability.