I will begin with a short recap from last week before I get into the true meat of what makes a great proposal. Remember, gentleman it is important to recognize the story of how you proposed is going to be something that is going to be relived for years, decades, and even life times. So it should not be taken lightly.

In order to make this day a reflection of how you both have become a couple willing to share the rest of your lives together keep in mind the basics and you are sure to knock her socks right off: (1) the basics; (2) personalized touches; (3) reflective of her; (4) details, details, details; and, finally [my favorite], (5) step out of your comfort zone.

The basics: It’s all about the scent, or rather throwing your sweet honeybee off your path to proposal.  The more you jabber your mouth to all your friends and their friends and their friends, friends the truth will come out and you will have to start from scratch. Your posse and their mothers are all on a NEED TO KNOW BASIS. As far as the ring, here is a little hint: to propose without one is weak sauce. However, the ring should be a reflection of your future wife and your current financial status. I believe 100% a ring should be bought outright. If you need payment plan, you need a new plan, period.

So the basics are covered, lets look at how my special man friend is measuring up. Friends were unaware until a short time before, he was sure not to spill the beans any earlier for fear of slippage. His parental units new well in advance, my parental units knew a short time prior with strict instructions not to divulge any details. There was a ring, it is beautiful, and I have had more than one person tell me it is perfect and “totally” reflective of me. Check, Check, and Check. So far smf is on a roll…