Generally throughout our classes we look at each subject depending on where we are studying. In my case it is the United States and occasionally even specific to Colorado. But how does the subject of Assessment translate to other countries?  Do other countries have the same emphasis on the process that we are learning?  The interview is a large part of how we complete our assessment on a client, leading up to paper and pencil assessment if more information is needed.  Is there a different emphasis in other countries?  It possibly could be that the paper pencil assessments come first, and the interview second, or a large mixture of both. Again, it all depends on the individual consultant and client.

The statement “it depends” has of course come up again. Each person is going to practice Sport Psychology differently, meaning the assessment process is going to chance not only for every consultant, but also for each client that consultant meets with.  I am curious how this process changes, if at all, depending on location of client or consultant. What are the graduate schools in other countries teaching their students about the very subject we have spent so much time on?  Do they ask the same questions we do during our initial assessment? Do they use the SCIP? Do they take a more clinical approach?  These are all questions that make me wonder if what we are being taught is the best, but are there more options out there to better fit our clients?