By the end of last week’s blog we were busy cheering my smf on as we compare his proposal to the perfect proposal. He had three easy checks on covering the basics. The next step to cover when devising the perfect proposal is incorporating personalized touches. How do you rock the personalized touches? Brainstorm, duh! If you don’t know already (shame on you) find out what she loves, those small instances in life that make her shine. Has she always dreamed of seeing a particular show (Hello, cirque du soleil), traveling to the Napa wine country, or learning the Waltz? Tuning into these simple and long-standing fantasies will make a great foundation for a memorable proposal.

All of those ideas happen to be on my bucket list, but none of them were chosen. So, how does my smf measure up? Well, setting all my biases aside he went one above. To say that we both love skiing is an understatement. We spent our first winter together exploring the best of the Rockies from A-basin, to backcountry pow at Copper, below temps at Crested Butte, and spring skiing at Steamboat. In fact, we fell in love after a long hike to the top of Tucker. To pick another season or a place that is absent of a mountain would be a shame. My smf picked Aspen, which was one the short list of must ski places and full of romance, wood fires, snow sculptures, fireworks, local flavor, and EPIC skiing. Incorporating personalized touches: Check, Check, and Check.