Ever wonder why you clam up when in public? In a classroom setting? At a social event with new friends? this idea of clamming up is not something new. And as graduate students, at least for me, it is something we feel on a daily basis.  People with low performance scores were more concerned about others – what their scores were and what others were thinking about them as they began to answer questions incorrectly.  people see that their answered are incorrect or they are not getting any sort of response from audience, they clam up and become quiet. You see it right away-people turning away when you speak about something they don’t agree with, or changing the subject abruptly. I can’t imagine those signs being encouraging o many people. That would turn me down and shut me up right away. People clam up in all sorts of different situations, even those that consider themselves extroverts.

The article talks about introverts taking the time to collect their thoughts, and then when it is time for them to speak in a group, they become overwhelmed. Also, sitting on your thought for an extended period of time can lead to thinking about the fact that you haven’t said anything, which can also be discouraging. By the time you may find the courage to speak, the group has already moved on from that topic. And then you’re done.  They move on to the next topic and you are back where you started.

Although clamming up is more prevalent in women, research has shown that it is because women are more sensitive and care more about others. It is also more prevalent in people with higher IQ’s.  Just saying guys, put it together 🙂