I’m knocking on wood as I say this, but the parents on my team have been awesome so far! Aside from the occasional doubt in my organizational abilities, I have had relatively few headaches due to parents thus far. Granted, we’ve only played in one tournament and everyone got plenty of playing time. However, I’m very grateful for the experience so far!

Though I choose to take the positive route and won’t dwell on what could go wrong, I would like to reflect on what we’ve possibly done right as a coaching staff to keep them happy so far. The finances are always an issue, especially considering we are one of the most expensive teams in the state. Though, as long as the parents know what the money is going towards and have a clear and solid structure for payments, they seem to be content paying. I’ve only had a couple of talks with parents who needed an extension or missed a payment due to extenuating circumstances. So far, it’s been fairly easy to talk honestly with them about such a sensitive subject.
Then comes the actual coaching part. I am 100% confident in our coaching staff’s knowledge of the game. With three of us coaches on the field plus Victoria, we have almost 16 years of college experience between us at various levels of competition. I was however curious how our personalities and styles would work together on the field. So far it has been great. The girls seem to respond to us in a very positive way. We try to keep things fun while at the same time keeping our expectations high. It worked great this weekend for our first tournament. Though we lost by an average of about 7 runs, we still left feeling like we had improved drastically and learned a lot about the entire team. These accomplishments did not go unnoticed by the parents. We received many compliments and thank yous from the parents, saying that their daughters are truly enjoying the experience. That’s the best compliment we could ask for! I guess pleasing the parents is really all about pleasing (and helping) the girls.