I was doing my best to be a good University of Denver citizen, so I took a few minutes to complete the DU Inclusive Excellence Assessment. Immediately, I found it captivating, I even had to Google a word or two in order to fully understand terminology being used in both the categories of religion and sexual orientation. During the process of filling out the survey I noticed how un-inclusive all the other assessments that I have taken have been. Some examples of options that shocked me on this assessment in particular was that you could check a box to identify yourself as pansexual, and you could also check a box saying that your religious beliefs were Native American. I would like to congratulate DU on making a survey on inclusiveness that actually makes people feel like an effort is being made to understand the humanness of the person. I would say a good half, or more of the survey was aimed at fully understanding the persons’ race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and religion.

Thinking about this whole inclusion thing more deeply, I wonder…..who did DU leave out on this assessment? I am assuming in their assessment they did not include every possible selection pertaining to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and religion. Is it possible, and or even feasible to be entirely inclusive on all assessments? I personally believe that all and even most assessments cannot be inclusive. But do they need to be inclusive? If so, all the time, or just in certain circumstances?