In researching what I wanted to make this weeks post about- I came across this incredibly interesting blurb in a Sacramento news paper regarding a new app for Apple products that allows the user to assess for a concussion in an athlete or individual. I was very intrigued- especially after all the talk in our program regarding concussion prevalence and dangers in so many of the sports that we are working within.

The app called Concussion Assessment and Response was designed for athletic trainers, coaches, and other health care providers to assess for and help respond to a potential concussion- right then and there. Talk about satisfying our society’s need for instant feedback! The app apparently guides the user through a series of questions to help rule out a cervical spine injury, evaluate concussion signs and symptoms, and assess cranial nerve function.

This sounds incredibly useful to me! I think what is even greater is that it is just another way that the awareness is being raised regarding the seriousness of concussions and the importance of evaluating for them immediately.

It also makes me think that there could be a similar need for some other sport psych related apps for Apple. What about an app that helps evaluate focus? and helps train an athlete in concentration or focus skills? What about a goal setting app? Or an app to evaluate and help with self-talk? How about an app that allows you to record imagery scripts and then it reads them aloud to you so that you can go through them without assistance? There could even be an app one day that assists with relaxation- evaluating breathing with sensors or something similar and then helping the athlete to regulate their breathing patterns to achieve an optimal level of arousal for them in their particular sport.