With social media on the steady rise in our culture, athletes are using a variety of these opportunities to increase their performance.  There are a number of applications that anyone can purchase and download including: relaxation, visualization, focus exercises and ways to set accurate goals.  In the sport psychology field we encourage our athletes to practice each skill as much as possible to increase the accuracy of each skill and these apps are the perfect way to help each athlete do that especially if they live with their phones or computers.

While  people spend a lot of time on their phones it is natural that these applications would be used, however it is important to inform our athletes that there may be tools that do not promote the correct skill development. There may also be an opportunity for these applications to provide a great insight into the athlete and how they compete in their sport.  Creating a possible assessment through an application can help relate to the young athlete and make this accessible to them on their own device. Many young athletes are constantly on their phones and using applications more readily so by creating an assessment for athletes to complete through an application before going to see their mental skills consultant it can help create great rapport as well as give both sides insight into the athlete. This application could consist of being an actual assessment, an assignment, the results of an assessment given so the athlete could refer back to, or just notes specific to that athlete. This could be a great way to bring the ideas of mental skills and specifically assessment to the level of the athlete with the growing interest in application use.