Sticking with the general theme of a majority of my blogs, I thought I would do a special Valentines Day series. The joy and love is overflowing! How does one overcome the cheesy, Americanized, red and pink disaster than is so readily available? How does one move beyond the standard, above ordinary, and slide right into the extraordinary? By planning the perfect Valentines Day, which I hope, is void of most items in the next paragraph. See my own thoughts below:

My personal opinion on Valentines Day is that it is totally overrated. No one should wait for a dedicated day to tell their significant other how much they mean. All of the standard affair just won’t do. You all know what I am referring to: Buy a Valentine’s Day card (lame, it will get thrown in the trash eventually), Buy a Gift (boring, whatever I want, I could go out and get), get something with hearts on it (super lame, that phase was over in sixth grade), go out to dinner (getting warmer, however, this take very little time and/or effort).

Despite all that negativity, I do sort of believe the idea of one day out of the entire year devoted entirely to your other half…is sort of cool when you think about it. So what to do: I am a large proponent of “the experience.” I would take an experience over a gift any day. A cooking class, a special dinner, a trip to the mountains, ice-skating, anything is better than dinner, flowers, and card.