This year, we are putting in a relatively new offense.  Obviously, this is going to be somewhat taxing on the coaches and players because it will involve a great deal of teaching.  In addition, there will be a learning curve, which will obviously have a few bumps along the way.  The real issue is why are we doing this.


We as a coaching staff decided to really evaluate the talent we have this year and assess what our strengths and weaknesses are.  Afterward, we wanted to find an offense that compliments along with highlights our strengths, yet hides our weaknesses.  We believe we found one. (I suppose time will tell if we made the right decision…)


In addition, we somewhat changed our coaching philosophy in that we wanted to structure an offense that is based around our players’ skill set versus making them conform to what we used to do.  We thought this was more of a middle ground that was easier to meet at.  Furthermore, I think this is something that great coaches do.  They change, adapt, and evolve to their players’ skill set.  Obviously, it is important to help enhance each player’s skill set.  But, it is also equally important to know what they are already successful at and what I think they can easily grasp/improve on.