It’s that time of year again – high school lacrosse season! And the Southeast region is suiting up to put on a good show. Leading the pack you have Vero Beach in sunny and warm Florida and Milton nestled snugly in Georgia (Loveday, 2012).

            At least…that’s what I’ve heard (okay, okay – that’s what I’ve read). Because this is how much I know about lacrosse: 0. That’s right, a big, fat, goose egg. I have never seen a lacrosse game, never held a lacrosse stick, and probably wouldn’t be able to pick a lacrosse ball out of a lineup if my life depended on it (is it white or blue?).

            It’s not that I have anything against lacrosse. It seems rather interesting – a bit violent, maybe – but interesting. I was just never really around lacrosse growing up. My high school had a lacrosse team, but it was kind of like the new kid on the block – not as well known or liked as the popular crowd (football, baseball, soccer). Maybe the Midwest is a bit late hopping on board the lacrosse train, but there you have it. I am not familiar with, nor do I understand, lacrosse.

            Which means I have no right assessing the validity of these 2012 season predictions. Is a .610 save percentage good? Guess so. Is netting 122 goals a lot? Sounds like it. Is Milton set to make another run at the Class 5A championship? Sure. (Loveday, 2012)

            My point is, it’s important to have a certain level of knowledge about the sport when making assessments. And if you don’t have a background, it’s important to learn. Otherwise, it’s impossible to put the stats and expectations and hopes and likelihoods into a context that has meaning.


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