I wonder how many of you out there have the courage to admit that you too are caught up in the Bachelor drama. I shun reality TV, as a rule, but I was suckered into watching this train wreck of a show, and now as the train chugs towards the finale I am twisted inside and unable to look away as the I wait for the inevitable plume of smoke, signaling that all the desperados have imploded. The premise here is that a person will be able to find their life partner as they gallivant from one exotic location to the next, wined and dined, in a semi-hazardous shroud of flirting and debauchery, which eludes any semblance of reality. So how could one not find true love in this Petri dish of drama?, you ask. As if the fairytale conditions alone wouldn’t create a stir of feelings, that when challenged by the humdrum of everyday living with someone, would crust over like the late night wine glass rings on the coffee table of pseudo relationships, how can a human, surrounded by eager suitors, accurately assess who would make a solid life partner.

The first problem with this show is the assumption that one of the proposed suitors would make a better partner than all the rest. There is a lot of pressure then on the bachelor to discern through a blur of beauties, which sole is their match. Of course, everyone woman on the show is sure that she is in love and is over and over again stunned when she is sent home, because she just knew that she had found her penguin, her love lobster, her mate for life. Au contraire mademoiselles, the feelings that said bachelor has produced in you are the exact same for the 26 other women vying for his time. So then, if we are to understand thus far, the TV producers are capitalizing on the hopes of America, that yes, everyone has their soul mate and that yes, the producers have managed to bring the two together on their show, and now it is just up to the two to find one another. What are the chances?! What luck!

So how does someone in this position go about assessing which women, not only to pick, but which women to send home each week? Could someone go mad calculating all the missed chances and opportunities when the ever wise bachelor is misled and sends home the true love in favor of keeping around a true beauty? Perhaps so, but there is something different about these bachelors and bachelorettes. Somehow, they are convinced that they know just how to pick their life partner and have honed their assessment tools to the point of unconscious intuition. Well in the end, I think we will find that once again, the relationship is a flop and will burn out once everyday life sets in, but in the mean time, the network has managed to suck in millions of Americans, all convinced that they too are master assessors and can pick who will be the “winner”.