With the Academy Awards in full swing and having personally disagreed with some of the winners it really hit me that the assessments of different movies is very dependent on the person.  Each individual has likes and dislikes on every subject. When it comes you movies you will always experience it in a different way than others. People may not have  liked a specific movie that you may have loved and would recommend to everyone.  This whole idea is based off you as an individual and your assessment of different subjects.

Keeping this is mind how do they pick the nominees for each section as everyone is going to have a different opinion or assessment of each movie? Even if there is a set criteria, naturally each individual is going to interpret that a different way.  This relates to how we work with our athletes. We discuss all the time how using many different people to gain more information on each athlete can influence and/or enhance our opinions on our clients to better assist them. But naturally every person is going to take in information differently and see it from a separate side.  This could in turn influence your work with a client so how does the consultant sift through all this information and get to know the client on a neutral setting?  This is why there are many people on the deciding committee for the Academy Awards so that not one individuals say means they are the winner.

The important idea is that everything is taken with a grain of salt and that everything said is understood to be an opinion and not the end all be all.