Alright we are getting closer and closer…The excitement is almost too much for me to handle I know what happened! Let’s recap what has happened and what is important up to this point. What is important: (1) Understand the basics, (2) Reflect who you are as a couple, and (3) Make it personal. Simple, simple, simple. So where is smf on the scale of 1 to 10. Well he is doing great so far. He kept it simple, he incorporated our shared love for skiing, and made it personal with a place I had always wanted to go.


Moving right along the second to last assessment tool I have in my box is paying attentional to the details. I have already alluded to this in previous posts, but it is just about the most important aspect of a proposal. Remember, this will stay with you for the rest of your lives, no pressure! Once you have the big picture of your perfect proposal in place, it is time to start filling in the tiny details that will set this day apart from all the others. So if it is using photos of you two or incorporating moments from your first date or first kiss. The details are what makes a generic proposal rise above all the mediocre proposals. Smf did a great job with the details. He picked a beautiful hotel with wood fire place (which is my favorite). He planned a night that incorporated all the things I love (i.e., snow, sculptures, sushi, coble stone streets, and fireworks)