The last blog in my “perfect proposal assessment” series. I can hear the tears hitting the keyboard already. What an exciting experiment this has been. I do love beating to my own drum! Don’t you worry I have a couple more tips and a final rating for just how great smf’s proposal was.


My final tip: Gentleman, please think outside The Box. Literally and figuratively. I can’t say how over the ring in dessert trick I am. It is weak sauce and any man that decides that is the perfect proposal does not deserve a “Yes.” There I said it, it is so true though. It is important to make your engagement something that reflects who you are a couple, who you began as a couple, and who you hope to become as couple. The proposal should be full of romance, but not just any romance, romance that means something to your lucky lady love. It is important to take your time (not too much time!) and create a proposal that will be something you and your ladylove will be proud of.


Smf did better than I could have every imagined. He went above and beyond the call of duty and picked out the most beautiful ring that represents who I am. He planned way ahead (he is an engineer, planning is in his DNA), he thought something that reflected who we are, and it was spontaneous and full of romance. He got permission, he kept it a secret, and he did an excellent job throwing me off the scent! In my opinion, smf and his proposal was off the charts! Thanks for listening!