It is no surprise that obesity is a growing epidemic in the United States, especially with children. We all know that it is happening, yet, as I had discussed in a previous post, little is being done by physicians to help educate parents to help their children or to educate an obese patient. Is the reason, or excuse, for a lack of education that it is too hard to determine if a person is obese or if they are on their way to becoming obese? If that is the case, given the amount of time that we, society as a whole, spend in front of a computer, then a computerized assessment should make this task a little easier.

This computerized assessment tool using electronic medical record (EMR) is said to better help physicians address populations as a whole rather than addressing families. This EMR tool keeps records of BMI, instructions for counseling, referral programs, and after-visit summaries. Apparently, this will allow for earlier assessment for primary care physicians. Honestly, I see this assessment tool making physicians job easier. From the sounds of it, the counseling and number information for them to share with their patients, is basically spelled out for them. These tools are great and definitely make lives easier. My biggest concern is that it takes away from their job. Physicians need to be regularly checking up on patients. As they see children going down the road towards obesity, bring it up with the parents right away. I can see how some physicians may be nervous about the reactions that can come from this conversation, but in the end, they are saving lives and a lot of heart ache, literally.