This week is tryouts for the lacrosse team.  To be honest, it is one of my least favorite times to be a coach.  I hate doing cuts.  However, it is necessary.  In particular it is tough to cut a player when he does not understand why he was cut.  Hence, I have an open door policy for all of the players to have a discussion with me about why they were cut.  But the thing is that they always want to know what the one or two things is they really need to work on.  Most of the time, this is a tough question to answer because it is simultaneously an easy and difficult question to answer: “You need to improve your stick skills, IQ of the game, and/or get a little stronger/faster.”  Often times, I ask how hard do you think you worked in the off-season to try and make the varsity squad?    It is a discussion that is never too fun to have, but it is a necessity.  It helps these individuals to open their eyes.  In addition it teaches them how to take responsibilities for their actions, which is part of transforming from a boy into a young man (part of our mission statement).


Thus, assessing players is not really an enjoyable task.  But, it does help them to grow and become better individuals.