Assessment is a constantly occurring process. This weekend I went from being an assessor, to the one being assessed. And I began to wonder about the situations that we find ourselves in, and how the process for assessing others may be influenced in a variety of ways.

            The most distinct aspect of this idea concerns putting people in a situation where they can be successful or fail. In many instances, the situation that an individual is being assessed under can have a great impact on the outcome and eventual opinion of that individual. By creating a situation for an individual to be successful, the assessment can serve a variety of purposes. The explicit function of the assessment can be evaluated, and in some cases, based on the situation, influenced in a way to get more out of the participant. However, this may only be useful if the assessors are paying attention to other factors, other than the one being expressly assessed. If the assessors care more about maintaining a schedule than anything else, they may harshly view a participant who was demonstrating a bit of patience or manners, which in most situations would also be a valuable quality.

            It is ideal as professionals who will be utilizing assessments throughout our careers that we continue to be mindful of the situation in which we find ourselves assessing. We should constantly be asking ourselves about the state of our participants, and if we are setting them up for failure by the way that we view them, or success.