As a coach or a consultant, have you ever assessed your athlete or client’s learning style? Have you ever presented information differently to accommodate your athlete’s learning styles? Are you familiar with the different learning styles?

As both a coach and consultant, I believe it is very important that I try my best to assess the learning styles of my clients. These learning styles include: visual learners, auditory learners, kinesthetic learners, and the thinker. Acknowledging each client’s learning style can help me as consultant prepare my clients to their maximum potential. I find it beneficial to assess your clients as a ‘total athlete/client,’ which includes how they learn. This knowledge can help me know where my clients are cognitively challenged to learn, which allows me to know how exactly to present information. Assessing and accommodating for my client’s learning preference can transfer into improved mental toughness, which can result in enhanced performance. Acknowledging these differences allows me to better understand my clients as a whole and better serve them to ensure they are getting the right assistance.

In order to help maximize my client’s potential, I need to understand all of the different learning styles and makes necessary adjustments to accommodate in my consulting, specifically instruction and feedback. I acknowledge the challenge of getting to know all of my client’s learning styles, especially large teams; however, I find that my dedication to my teams and clients will make this process easier. Since I believe in the importance of assessing the entire athlete, I allow myself the time and commitment to get this ‘area’ of my clients. I accept that this is a lengthy, in depth process and I am still in the early stages of how to accommodate for all learning styles.