As I was on my way back to my apartment from a run in City Park, I ran past a large friendly man waiting for the bus. He yelled at me, “how far you ran girl?” I responded, “ ‘bout six miles”, he then responded with, “more than I got in me”. This exchange made me ponder how much do we have inside of ourselves? How do we assess this? And what makes us think we have what we have? And what makes us think we have more or less than another person?

My response to this is: we only have as much as we think we have. If you think you can run eight miles, chances are, you can probably run eight miles. This belief will be further supported if other people think you can run 8 miles. The equation for assessing “what chu got” looks a little like this: Y (your perceptions) + O (others’ perceptions of you) + A (Ability) = R (results-what chu got).

So some may wonder, “great, I know what I got, but I don’t got much, what do I do?!” Do not fear, I have some ideas for those of you who “don’t got much”. Work on increasing your own personal confidence through increasing your abilities. It is like an amazing domino effect: increase your ability through practice = increase in confidence = increase in others’ confidence in you = greater results (what chu got). Although this is only my perception of what, what chu got, is made up of, what do you think about this equation? What about the improvement equation? Try it out and let me know what chu think.