Have you ever thought about how job applications are a type of assessment? Do you think a paper-pencil or online application assess better than an in-person interview?

Since I am currently in the market for a job and have been filling out many applications, I have begun to realize that job applications are simple (most of them) assessments. These assessments are an evaluation of the candidates for jobs or internships. Depending on the business or organization, some applications are in-depth and length, others can be quite short and simple. I find that spending quality time and supplying thorough information on applications can result in a better assessment of you as a candidate for the position. I believe it is an individual’s choice as to how they will fill out an application; rather they will provide ‘surface information’ or ‘detailed information’ is their choice. Unless the candidate knows that there will be an interview, I believe it is crucial that they fill out the application thoroughly, so an accurate assessment can be made.

Another assessment that I may be encountering in the future is face-to-face interviews. Though we have spoken about the negatives associated with interviews, I believe it can be a strong assessment of an individual’s personality and their ability to fit in the work environment. As a potential candidate for a job, I would like the opportunity to assess the work place and employees. I am making an assessment as much as the potential hirer is making an assessment of me. I believe it is very important to understand that this is a two-way process.

As I continue to apply to jobs, I encourage myself to acknowledge that I am being assessed through applications and interviews. I must put forth strong, quality effort to provide a thorough assessment of myself to future hirers.