What have I learned about assessments in the last ten weeks? First, probably one of the most valuable assessments a sport psychology consultant can use is observation. Through observation, you are able to see your client interact with his or her teammates, coaches, and their own interpersonal styles of training and/or performing. In my experience as a student consultant, I have realized that they “hanging out” period, as we refer to it, is valuable not just for the athlete’s, but for your overall relationship with the coaches as well. Through my time, I have developed a strong relationship with coaches where they trust me and feel comfortable sending their athlete’s to me. Personally, I have gained a lot of confidence throughout this process of “hanging out.”

Secondly, I have come to realize that not every assessment is going to fit with every client. I would have to say that one of the most difficult tasks is deciding which assessment to administer to your client and what the appropriate time to do so is. I have not yet figured out either of those tasks and realize that it is a continuous and ongoing process.

It is incredible to look back to ten weeks ago and not understanding what qualified as assessment outside of sport and performance psychology. Assessments are so much more than observations or paper and pencil tests. Relationships, interviews, and momentous occasions in one’s life can somehow fall into the category of assessment. More importantly, I have learned the value of assessments. Through the use of this tool, I am able to better understand that client(s) that I am working with and can therefore better assist them in reaching their conclusions and goals.