So who is it in our society that gets the privilege of being assessed? People can be assessed in their performance (work and leisure), and their health (mental and physical). I am sure I am missing other aspects of life in which people can be assessed, but for now let’s go with these. From my experience, people being assessed by either mental or physical professionals are mainly people who either have health insurance, or Medicare. Most people being assed in performance are people who have money to spend beyond meeting their basic needs. But wait, I just thought of other people who get assessed. People who commit crimes, and people being admitted into insane asylums. So to answer the earlier question of who is being assessed, it is mostly people on the two extreme sides of the socioeconomic spectrum. So there you have it, in my opinion the people who get assessed are either people who either have no money at all, or people who have extra money to spend on luxury services or items.

Is this something we as assessors can change or even something we want to have change? Well, I cannot speak for mental and physical health assessors, but as for me as a performance assessor, I would like to see more performance enhancement specialists working with teams. Working with youth and adult teams will allow the cost of a performance enhancement specialist to be diffused across many incomes, allowing at least some exposure to performance assessment to the greater population.