After reading through all the scary facts about Private Practice Development, failure rates, and continuing the discussion of how resilient a successful practice must be (financially, emotionally, personal ego…) it seams as though if you can get a network or community to like YOU, it may be an in.   However, through the amount of self-discovery, identity and value development I feel as though I am getting lost in what the actual occupation is.  Especially being 25, about to complete my first (I say this with a grain of salt) higher degree, there is a lot of confusion and lack of security being felt.  It is almost becoming just as difficult to compartmentalize my personal growth as well as career growth.

Stepping out into the world of private practice, at least through informing myself about it and being exposed to the reality, there is a great amount of attention delegation.  What are the goals of my services, but yet what are the goals of me as a person? In order to hit the ground running, more eggs seem as though they need to be in the basket of what the practice, business, and services will be about.  However, as discussed in Larry Ackerman’s Identity Code. and following discussing this with the man himself, he stresses the importance of knowing yourself, and presenting an authenticity 100% of the time.

So I remain in limbo of do I sell me as a person…strong interpersonal skills, creative, outgoing, empathetic, or do I sell the product of my work…enhanced personal performance, positive living skills, personal excellence and organizational skills?  At some point I see these roads meeting to blend into one amazing life pursuit, but how will I get my clients RIGHT NOW?