After pouring over dozens of books and articles over the 10-week Winter Quarter, what did I do when it was all over? I read some more! Most notably, The Happiness Advantage, Made To Stick, and Start With Why. These books definitely offered great insights and facts based in theory, research, and experience, and most of the ideas definitely resonated with me. Thoughts like those who believe what you believe will follow/work with you, and that happiness precedes success (not the other way around) are definitely meaningful to me. I definitely recommend these books to everyone (especially the Happiness Advantage and Start With Why). The fact that all of these authors are consultants is an added bonus.

However, where’s the balance? As we talked about in class last week, should I be aiming more toward developing my own ideas and thoughts? I definitely do not adopt everything I hear/read, I do have some sort of ‘values filter’ that allows me to reject ideas I do not connect with. As I collect all these thoughts, ideologies and definitions that resonate with me, at what point am I simply regurgitating others’ ideas? Maybe the reason I like to read so much is because I’m short on experience in the things that I love to do, like coaching and inspiring people to do what the love and find meaning in it. Perhaps, as my experiences increases, I will rely less on readings and more on my practical and people-tested experiences.

I have always viewed my ability to internalize useful information and apply it to my life as a strength, but maybe I’ve just been using these ideas as a cover to hide my own inability to come up with authentic ideas! (Insert mental picture of my mind being blown here).

Maybe I should have just read The Hunger Games….