In elementary school, when we first learn to write for an audience, we were taught to create a “hook”, or something that draws in the reader. A statement, or a phrase that keeps the readers interest, and if it is really good, it leaves them craving for more, to the point where they cannot put it down. This is what I strive to do as a novice consultant, I want to make the client/s crave more information form me right from the first session.

I believe that this is one of the most important strategies that a novice consultant can bring to the clients. Initially bringing worth, and credibility through a meaningful, and insightful first session will help ensure that your job will last longer than a business quarter. Specifically, it is my strategy to discover through my supervisor which modules of mine the clients will find most helpful. I feel I know many seasoned practitioners will see this as an amateur move, as in, I am not following a path that may be best for the clients, but rather just trying to please. But I would argue the opposite, because I do not have a well-know practice, I initially need the clients to buy in to the sessions so that they will listen to the rest of what I have to say and find value in my presentations. If they do not buy in from the beginning, it may be difficult to get them to buy in later. As a novice consultant, I can only learn from my experiences, so…. here goes the process of living and learning.