It’s funny to think that such a simple word, comprised of two letters, can cause this much trouble. N-O that’s all it is, so why can’t I bring myself to say it. When I am approached with an idea, a task, or some type of decision, my first thought “yep, no problem” or “of course” why wouldn’t I take on this task. But as my life is becoming increasingly busier, I can feel that scary little word hanging in the abyss. The temptation to spew out the word N-O is growing and because of the person I am, I am struggling to succumb to it. Is it really a bad thing to say it? Will it hurt me in the future? While I have pondered these questions for countless hours, it pains me to say that the eventual answer is YES (funny enough, a word I have no problem saying). If I do not reintroduce this word into my vocabulary, it will cause me more anxiety and frustration in the future. As I have more responsibilities including two coaching positions, two consulting positions, class work, masters projects, extra writing opportunities, just to name a few, the free time in my schedule is becoming non-existent. From the looks of the way my life is shaping, that tiny word is going to need to become my new best friend.

It’s probably time to reframe this word and allow me to feel some relief in allowing myself to use it… As I enter the professional world the idea is to gain an extensive clientele and hopefully (fingers crossed) have a full practice. With that being said (KEYWORD- FULL) I will have no choice but to say that dreadful word. Turning people away will not make me look bad, but in fact it will allow clients to see that I am highly sought out and that when time becomes available I will then be able to help, or that I have the resources to refer them out. Using this word is not as sinful as I once thought- in fact it has the ability to communicate competence and care. I can’t just take anyone at anytime- I have to do what’s best for not only my clients but what is best for me in order to provide the best care for my clients. Therefore I am reclaiming the word NO for myself. It is no longer a dreadful, scary, frustrating, and intolerable word…. It is now a word that allows for autonomy, shows competency, and will actually help me further my professional career.