The why, the what, the how OR the what, the how, the why. What preference do you prefer? First, it is important to think about what you are trying to describe or what point you are trying to get across as well as who you are talking to. Are you implementing mental skills to a team? Are you working with an individual client? Are you pitching your elevator speech? Are you trying to explain what you do as a SPP consultant to a potential client? Depending on your audience and topic, your order may change, but it important to be aware of how you present the information.

As I become a professional in the SPP field, I believe it is important for me to become aware of my ‘order’, especially for introducing myself to potential clients. When describing myself, I believe its necessary to begin with the ‘what’ followed by the ‘why’ then concluding with the ‘how’. Thinking back on my experiences, I seem to always start with ‘what’ I am: a sport and performance psychology consultant, or in other words a performance enhancer. Following the ‘what’ is the ‘why’ because I want to hook them into something interesting and give the individual a reason to listen to me further. Even though ‘how’ is to come last, it is very important to include it. ‘How’ gives an individual an idea of the techniques that can be implemented to improve and enhance performance. Going through the process to write these steps out is more difficult than I originally thought. After writing this down, I find it necessary to go back through and give more details for each category.

To conclude it is vital to remember that every SPP consultant’s ‘order’ is going to be different when introducing themselves to potential clients. Additionally, I know that my ‘order’ changes based on what I am presenting and who I am presenting it to.