In my opinion, one of the most attractive aspects of becoming a SPP consultant is the ability to have your own ‘flare’ or style within in your practice. Perhaps your upbringings, culture, or a combination of both influences your style of consultation. As a young SPP consultant, I strongly believe that my style of consulting somewhat stems from where I am from and the culture I grew up in. Much of this discovery has been done through self-reflection and awareness exercises. Being from the South, I find myself promoting a relational style. I want to build a relationship with my client and get to know them as a whole person, not just a performer. I produce somewhat of a ‘warm’ and welcoming environment with my clients. Recognizing my style has informed me of how it may or may not affect my clients which is extremely important. I strongly believe that the culture I grew up in had a significant impact on my ‘flare,’ and though it may change some in the future, I believe it is at the core/foundation of my consulting style.       

Now it’s your turn. What is your ‘flare’ or style? Where do you think it comes from? Have your upbringings influenced your consultation style? Or do you believe your experiences have affected you the most? Perhaps you haven’t even thought about what your style you use. This is where the self-reflection piece is crucially important as a developing SPP consultant. Being able to express yourself will help you acknowledge your style and understand how it may affect your clients.