When I began attempting to write the mission/purpose for my consulting practice, it brought me back to when I began writing my personal mission statement in the summer of 2009. I was working in the recreation department at the Jasper Park Lodge for the 2nd summer (best summer job ever). The Rec department consisted of working at the pool, the bike rental shop, and putting in long, tough hours sitting lakeside renting out canoes and giving lake tours. Tough life, it was. Because I worked in this department, I could rent a mountain bike or hop in a kayak or canoe anytime, with no restrictions. It was a great perk. I spent many hours alone out on Lac Beauvert with nothing but my iPod (Dave Matthews Band was the mainstay) and a few cold ones. Being out in the middle of the lake, surrounded by mountains in all four directions, all alone, for long periods of time with no distractions or responsibilities was extremely conducive to me discovering what I wanted to include in my personal mission statement. I would even take our little dinky raft out at in the middle of the night, as Jasper is about a 4 hour drive from the closest city, and the there is little to no light pollution. The result is thousands upon thousands of stars on a clear night. What a sight!

As I try to think about my consulting mission statement, I feel again that the values that are going to be included can only be discovered, not created. I feel like nature is the best inspiration. I find myself often going out to our patio and watching the sunset over the mountains, or spending a few hours running in Wash Park to allow my mind to wander and finally find what will be the cornerstones to my work. I encourage everyone to try to find this inspiration and allow their values to come to the forefront instead of foraging constantly for them.