Last week in class the guest speaker mentioned that entrepreneurs are the lazy ones- the people who are just really searching for ways of having less work. I really do not agree with this at all. I believe entrepreneurs have to work a lot harder to start up and maintain their business than they would have ever had to work had they been working in a large company. I do believe the only exception to this is once an entrepreneur gets the company up and running, and it is successful, it is then when I believe they work a lot less then their colleagues. But with so few start-up businesses actually succeeding, more often than not, in my opinion, entrepreneurs have to exert an enormous amount of effort and energy to go through the trial and error process of starting a company, and then finding a new career or returning to their old place of employment if failure occurs. I guess I’m being a bit of a skeptic here, but I just really don’t agree with the statement that becoming and entrepreneur is the “easy” way out, I actually see it as the extreme opposite.What is your opinion? Am I totally off here? I am writing about this because one of the largest obstacles I am facing in the decision to become and entrepreneur or not is in deciding if I have the proper resources for this type of endeavor. When I say resources, I don’t just mean money, I am also talking about energy, time, motivation. While money, the lack there of, is definitely holding me back, if I was motivated enough I would find a way to finance my passion. What I’m getting at is this…..the lazy path for me to take would be to work for an organization, the more challenging road would be to start up my own consulting practice or business.