My soccer team (U12 Girls Rapids Alliance) has allowed me to remember what it is like to just be “me”. I see them four days a week and for those twelve hours there is no care in the world that can disrupt my time with them. While sometimes practices are taxing on both them and myself, it is all worth it in the end. The appreciation and gratitude received from both the parents and players through daily emails, texts, and phone calls are heart warming. Looking back on this season, I have come to realize that when I am with them, I am “me”. I joke around with them, I talk to them about everything under the sun (boys to molecular structures from science that day), while at the same time when it is “soccer-time” I am serious and so are they, and they know its time for business.

I was raised to be myself, not worry about what others think of me, and as long as I have my group of friends, am successful in what I am doing, and ultimately happy- then I am doing alright. Coming to this program I have seen another side to the way I was raised, and the emphasis on others perceptions through feedback is a large part of what we do. While developing a private practice, I do need to take into consideration; perceptions of others and how to incorporate feedback into my life in order to be successful, but being with my team has allowed me to take a step back and remember what it is like to just be me. I am happiest when I am not over filtering myself and trying to please others in order to “fit in” and honestly I believe that is one of my strengths. Being me is going to allow me to get ahead in life, build the practice that I desire, and ultimately allow me to be happy. Of course I will incorporate feedback I have and will receive throughout my life, but not shying away from who I REALLY am, will serve me well. In the words of Wendy Borlabi, “Just be!”