The use of technology has become absolutely necessary in order to survive as a small consulting business, or any business as a matter of fact. If I continue on into the private practice/consulting business, then I must learn to love the use of social media inside and out. From Facebook and Twitter to Linkedin and YouTube, you must have pages and channels to represent you and your business. Social media is vital to help business pioneers get off the ground, get their name in the pond, and get noticed from many different angles.

I have never been opposed to social medial; however, I have not totally emerged myself into it quite yet. I am fully aware of the importance of it, but I refuse to fully engage in it until I have a better idea and sense of what I want my business to encompass. I am not quite ready to ‘sell’ my business and myself quite yet. I still need some time to find exactly what I want and how I want to go about it. I believe this is important for every entrepreneur to recognize as they start to engage their selves into social media. I do not think utilizing social media is wise until you have a comprehensive business plan because of the miscommunication, misinterpretations that could arise. For now, I find the most effective way to get ready for social media is to write everything out in a document for what is to go where in the respective websites (e.g., Facebook, Linkedin). Having the content of what is to go where may help easy the process of creating social media sites for your consulting business.