More Blogging!

It’s funny how some things seem to connect at the right time. I remember at the beginning of the year, when told that we would have to blog every week, several students did not like the idea and were annoyed. I had never done any real writing, so I was pretty apprehensive as well. However, one of the best friends that I met in Jasper (let’s call him QMG) has been throwing around the idea of starting a collaborative blog site and has asked me to contribute, both in the launch and in the writing. While I do not think of myself as a great writer, if it were not for these blogs we’ve been writing for the past few months, my answer would have been a definite no. Now, I’m only slightly hesitant.

Also coincidentally (re: Jim’s Workshop this week), QMG sent out a rather formal proposal/invitation to myself and a few others stating what his vision is and what he would like it to see it evolve into. (“You know when people use Facebook or Twitter to take a picture of what they had for lunch or their cat sprawled out on the couch? Yeah… I want the opposite of that”). His vision is to have a collaboration of writers opining on topics such as sports, fashion, food, beer, economics, television, travel, relationships, and everything in between. We’ll have to see whether or not this wide-angle approach will work, and if it organically evolves into something more specific, then that’s great too.

In his invitation, he used the tagline ‘Elevate the conversation’ several times, which I really liked. His goal is to have people really think about these topics, to stimulate and inspire. He really did a great job taking something abstract (an idea for a blog website that doesn’t exist yet) and turning it into a concrete idea, which is what leaders do! He’s still deciding on the name, but I’m sure once everything is sorted out you will see me promoting the website. Stay tuned!