Social media is all the craze these days. I have avoided using it for many years, due to the idea of why would anyone want to know my random activities of the day. However as I have learned posting random activity is not the most efficient use of social media. Also being a coach I always have to be aware of what is being posted on Facebook, and who I am friends with on Facebook. The strategy I used was total avoidance since I would hear in the media the plethora of stories involving college coaches and their indiscretions that ended up on Facebook or Twitter. However as I have learned using avoidance is never an effective strategy.

Now I am using Facebook more, and even though I’m signed up on Twitter I have yet to send a ‘tweet.’ I still have not figured out what exactly the purpose of Linkedin is compared with Facebook. One of those readings mentioned sites like FourSquare  and Gowalla I have no idea what those are. I know I need to be better with social media and how it can enhance a consulting practice, but I think I will need to focus on other more critical factors that will get a consulting practice off the ground prior to digging deep into social media.

I am probably being naive with my lack of social media involvement, but getting my practice up on the big three: Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin will be more important than trying to figure out the latest greatest social media site. The issue I have from the readings is that we need to focus on that and get our business out on all of these, and use another site that manages all the different ones. Sometimes these sites stay around for a minimal amount of time. Does anyone remember myspace or friendster? I think that social media can be beneficial when used ancillary way of enhancing a practice, but when it overshadows and dominates our professional lives then it can take away from a high level effective practice. This is something I will need to always be aware of, balance is key.