So…..what can you do for me? Why should I pay you _____dollars a year? Well….actually, I can do incredible things for you company. I can increase profit, productivity, and employee health, along with customer and employee satisfaction. You may ask…how? Now this, is not such a simple question, but rather one that involves at least a brief report on my behalf. Am I worth it….hmmm, let’s see, I will actually let you answer that question in a moment. Do you want to know how to make each of your employees perform at their highest abilities? Do you want to increase profit and productivity? Do you want to decrease your losses? Well if you answered yes to any of the previous questions, you could probably use…me. Through a detailed analysis of what each employee’s needs, or an overview of what you want (after all it is up to you) you give me an idea of what you want to improve. After that I will take your employee input and create a mental performance plan tailored to your company. This plan will include a pre-test, mid-test, and post-test to accurately capture what your team has learned. To give you just a few examples of what I can work on with your team, I can teach relaxation, goal setting, visualization, team cohesion, effective leadership, positive self-talk, and proper attention control. All of these skills can help give you a more profitable, productive, positive, and healthy work team. Many people and business use performance consultants such as myself, including Nike, and many members of the USA Olympic team. Hiring a performance consultant is not sign of weakness, rather a sign of strength that can help accelerate your vision. How much do you value profitability, productivity, and the mental power of your employees? So…you tell me, am I worth it?