If someone were to ask me if I was knowledgeable about social media, my response would most likely be, yes. After the booming success of Twitter, and me resistance to partake in this new phenomenon, I have slowly become to realize that my answer to the aforementioned question is most likely going to have to be a no. I believe I have mastered the world of Facebook, have a pretty good understanding of Linkedin, and yet Twitter never seemed intriguing enough for me to infiltrate. A few weeks ago if I had to describe Twitter, I would have done so in such a way… a website where individuals can go to stalk celebrities, and where celebrities have the ability to be a member of social media without having to worry about who writes on their wall. While I am now shying away from that definition, I still see it to be true in some ways.

Professors and peers alike have promoted having a Twitter account, and I can’t help but think, are they right? Will having the ability to Tweet, make me a more successful sport psychology consultant in the future? Will Twitter provide me with enough followers that I will have a foundation for a book at some point? While this is all very interesting, I am reluctant to think that a website based on the sound effervescing from the mouth of a bird will really be the answer to my future. With that being said, I am not the omniscient social media guru, and I don’t have the answer to my question revolving around the Twitter world. I guess the only way to really see what this new world of Twitter has in store for me is to actively take the plunge. Do I have it in my to take on this challenge? I guess we will find out… Tweet me? #newbetwitterproblems