The main purpose of a business plan is to help define where you want your business to be within a certain period of time, and how you plan on arriving at that location. I have heard business plans being compared to the importance of having blueprints for building a house. When you think about it in that light, it seems that these business plans are pretty important :o.  How can 15 page single-spaced effectively plan out the development of my private practice? Creating a business plan of my own seems daunting, a few weeks and 15 pages later, I could have the plans of which to build my business. While I know this will not be the end all product, I do know that it will be a decent representation of what I am trying to accomplish. Thinking about the whole product is overwhelming and even scary, how am I going to accomplish this????

Okay deep breath, lets take a look at this piece by piece, that should make it less daunting. The pieces include the mission statement (not too bad, I have pondered this time and time again, and even have a rough sketch of what it should look like). Another section assesses the target markets (hm, I can do that- I know what my product is and how I want to portray it. Therefore, I know my target audience and who I want to market my product too- that’s doable). Technology? Yeah, I’m going to need computers, social media sites, websites, cell phones, etc. being a child of the 90’s I grew up with the technology boom, I know what is needed from technology in order to create a business.

Therefore, my point being- that while creating this business plan appears intimidating and has caused a visceral reaction from me more than once, I know that I have the capabilities to put it together. It is common for individuals to become overwhelmed with the idea of something before breaking it down into smaller pieces. Never judge a book by its cover or size, and in this case, never judge a business plan by its overall plan. Break it down into pieces…15 pages single-spaced no problem, to me its 11 sections about a page each- No problemo.