As mentioned before, I am currently taking a Career Counseling class in which we have taken several career assessments. I recently received my Emergenetics Profile from the Emergenetics Assessment I took about two weeks ago. The ‘How You Think’ section reports percentages on four different sections: analytical, conceptual, structural, and social. I had the highest percentage on the social (35%) followed by the structural (34%) then the analytical (22%) and lastly the conceptual (10%). The social portion describes me as intuitive about people, socially aware, sympathetic, empathic, and learns from others while the structural section describes me as a practical thinker, likes guidelines, cautious of new ideas, predictable, and learns by doing. The other section of the Emergenetics Profile describes ‘How You Behave,’ which provides you with percentages compared to the general population on expressiveness, assertiveness, and flexibility. My results show high flexibility (70%), medium expressiveness (63%), and medium assertiveness (53%). The flexibility refers to me as accommodating, easygoing, even-tempered, easy to get along with, open to suggestions, sees value in different points of view, and not bothered by interruptions. The expressiveness describes that I am moderately expressive and can be both reserved and outgoing. The assertiveness suggests that I can go either way when it comes to being in charge; I can behave in a telling manner or step back and let others lead.

I believe these results allow me to get to know myself better. It gives me more insight into how I think and how I behave in almost any situation. My Emergenetics Narrative Report goes into detail about my results, which can help me in my future endeavors. My structural thinking and social preference will assist me in creating a clear, workable consulting practice while seeking advice from others. My flexibility stresses my easy-goingness, but I will be assertive and expressive if I feel the situation calls for it. This valuable understanding of myself and ‘how I work’ can really help me as I begin to develop my SPP consulting business. I have a strong sense of how I think and behave in generally all situations, and having this awareness when building a practice is invaluable and I would not trade it for anything. I am thankful to have had this opportunity to assess my personality, characteristics, thoughts, and behaviors because it will be vitally beneficial in the future