As the titled suggests, there is currently a fierce battle going on inside my head. Part of my brain wants to pursue being a consultant for a business with full force; the other part of me wants to join a job that already has predetermined objectives and job responsibilities. For me these jobs would include coaching, becoming a performance enhancement specialist (PES) for the United States Army, or an employee of some sort for Outward Bound Wilderness School. The difficult, but yet not so difficult part about this all is that if you take money out of the equation, I know which job I would pick. So briefly walk with me through this journey as I ponder career satisfaction with the need to survive.

So here is my dilemma, I know I want to dedicate my life to working with Outward Bound Wilderness School. All the organizations values align with mine, and it just seems like such a natural fit. But here’s the problem, I did not know when I was 18 (and decided to attend a private undergraduate college), or even when I was 22 (when I decided to attend a private graduate school university) that I wanted to work for a non-profit organization. I have had to finance my own education, thankfully I received many music and academic scholarships as an undergraduate, and I have been able to work two part time jobs as a graduate student to help ease the amount of student loan debt I face after my grace period has ceased. But long story short, I still have a considerably amount of student loans that need to be paid off, not to mention, I need to start saving for my retirement. So this being said, student loans, retirement, and living expenses, does the Outward Bound’s salary cover these expenses? I guess this is what I must figure out, because in this moment in my brain, I know life can be short and end unexpectedly. While I understand that any of the other jobs I listed earlier would better provide for me financially, and that I would not mind doing those jobs;  I want to wake up everyday motivated, excited, and passionate about going to work and living life.