A common theme that I have been noticing this year is that you must expect the unexpected. This could be meant in a very holistic, big picture, real life sense, or a more day to day, trivial sense. You can plan out your day, week, or even month, (life? Doubtful) but certain things WILL come up and you’re going to have to adjust to them. You might be just about to prepare a nice homemade meal when a friend texts you and simply says “Lunch at Pio?” or you might be about to deeply settle into an afternoon of school work (as I was yesterday) when friends from home (about 1500 miles away) randomly calls you at 1PM and says “Hey we’re in downtown Denver, we’re going to Rocky Mountain National Park in a half hour, you in?” …..How can you say no that? Well, I didn’t. I had an unreal day highlighted by great conversations, awesome music (Live DMB always does the trick), breathtaking scenery and even better company. I like to think it was an extremely ‘healthy’ day.

Now, this story reminds me of something I once heard: Never substitute future responsibilities for present opportunities (or something like that)…. Well, I did just that. Should I have passed on the day and simply stayed home, working away at my desk, and met up with my friends for dinner when they got back into Denver? Clearly, the answer is no. If I had been married to my plan and didn’t allow for flexibility, I would have missed out on a GREAT day and awesome memories that I’ll always have. However, yesterday strengthens the idea that you must prepare for the unexpected, meaning that when you do have time to do work, use it wisely! This way, you will be better able to enjoy the unexpectedness of life, and the guilty feelings will subside!

PS. Another great perk of being up in the mountains is that I was ‘off the grid’ for about 8 hours, with no phone, email, alerts, Facebook, or anything. We were all simply enjoying each other’s company and we were all very present. Amazingness.