I recently partook in a career/personal assessment called Emergenetics.  I can see this system of highlighting and bringing to awareness thinking and interactive behavior patterns of individuals and groups as being highly important in business beginnings.  Putting together the right team, especially on a small scale that many beginners will have impacts the effectiveness, efficiency, and communication of the whirlwind of putting a new project/business/practice together. I think that the increased self-awareness this assessment has brought to me has allowed me to develop a greater understanding that I cannot fulfill every role in a development process and that delegation is required as well as collaboration in order to get anything off the ground.

Also, realizing that I will not always work well with others’ ideas and ways of conceptualizing can save time and effort in brain storming situations, material and policy development and organizational system development.  It really is about fitting the puzzle pieces in the right spots, pairing the best personalities with the positions in order to be effective.  I imagine, and have experienced, that not many companies take the time to establish assessments and take a true look at the players in their organizations, and accept that different persons with different specialties are truly important to the fluidness and inovation of a company, particular aiming at growth.

I would highly encourage everyone to take steps to discover Emergenetics and how it can bring about self-awareness of positive strengths one has individually, and how they can then pair with others like themselves and those of different conceptualization styles to capitalize on everyone’s strengths, and establish a highly functional institution.