Growing up being the oldest of 5 has been one of my most rewarding experiences. It has helped me to realize that there is always something going on. Being bored in my house was not allowed, because there was always someone else around to do something with. Ordinary was not in our vocabulary as you could walk past each room and see a fort made of couch cushions, drawings wallpapering the walls, superheroes sliding down the banister, and beds pushed together to make a wrestling ring. Ordinary did not exist on Mark Lane, as my mom would say on a daily basis. The five of us were not ordinary, and we were totally okay with it. Growing up with the four of them helped me understand that if you take a look around, and really stop what you are doing, nothing is ordinary. Not only did ordinary not exist on Mark Lane, they didn’t exist period. There are no ordinary moments. This is not an easy notion to come to, and in fact, it has taken me about 22 years to come to it. The world is consumed with amazing things, and as humans we take it for granted. In my house, you had Brittany creating artwork in the most creative ways, with paint, string, crayons, clay, anything she could find. Zac was climbing trees, creating new games, going on treasure hunts, Jordan was teaching the dogs new tricks, or giggling with the most infectious laugh, and Max, knows any facts about the New York Yankees, can speak Hebrew fluently, or being the dummy for one of Zacs experimental games. Ordinary- not in the least.

One might think well there were a lot of people in my house so ordinary just wasn’t an option. While I may agree with them, I still stand by my word and say that ordinary is never an option. Ordinary is only there if you refuse to see. You could be alone, stop and listen watch a butterfly flaps its wings, or a hummingbird sing, watch a family of ants carry dinner back to their hole. These things are not ordinary, they are things we take for granted. One will be much happier with his or her life if they take a step outside of ordinary. This is my message that I will convey to my clients in an effort to help them lead a more extra-ordinary life. Enjoy the moments, be in the present, and live.