Recently, Facebook went public, and ironically, the stock has been plummeting. What!? So many people are involved with Facebook, mesmerized as to how quickly it grew, and how wealthy Zuckerberg has become over the last few years with the social media site’s success.  Although this may be a deterrent in the monetary value of social media and cause some to be skeptical about the true worth of it all, it remains a growing influence in networking, communication, and innovation of charing ideas.

I have admitted to being a skeptic of sharing things on-line and being a member of numerous social sites.  I was a myspacer back in high school and early days of college…it was 2003…it was the coolest thing we had all seen! We could post pictures of us and our weekend adventures, become “friends” with our favorite bands, keep in touch with our friends who had graduated…and then Facebook became a thing in college and this was amazing.  A profile that introduced you to the world of all other college students around the United States! And it was exclusive to our peer group, so cool! We all know how this story continues, how Facebook opened up to more and more accessibility and users over the year, more capabilities, then followed by more “social” sites.  I tried Twitter…I didn’t get it. I tried live journal…too many kids complaining about their privileged lives…

Now, as a graduate students and emerging young professional, social media is the go-to for networking, sharing knowledge, and finding reliable resources for information in the professional field.  LinkedIn has shown me the power of the professional social media presence.  I had an interview this last week, and that morning, the professional interviewing me had previewed my profile, wow.  This is real stuff! I get on LinkedIn this morning and am able to read a highly informational and relevant short blog post from Dr. Jim Taylor, and go back and easily access his other information.  Same with several other professors and business persons I follow.

Just imagine the power of this vehicle as it progresses! We will be able to share information and demonstrate our skills to thousands of people, and it doesn’t involve us tracking them down in person, finding their phone numbers and initiating a phone call, but all through the click of a mouse.  Amazing! I really believe that we should embrace social media and even be required to take a class on how to develop your profile, how to administer blog and web article posts, as well as brand yourself as a professional, right along side resume and cover letter writing.

I can truly say, once I was a skeptic, and now a believer.  I have been converted to the social media religion.