Coming into this quarter, I was a little apprehensive about how much extra work taking an extra class would be. Would this added work (not too mention 4 hours every other Wednesday afternoon) put my other classes at risk? Well, as the quarter progressed, I found that it was totally worth it. I enjoyed the private practice development class a lot, it was really great. I liked it so much I was thinking that it should be mandatory for all the students. But then I started thinking about why I liked it and what made it good. The first idea that came to me was the fact that there were only 9 of us, and the conversations were a lot deeper than in traditional classes. I feel a lot closer to everyone in this class and definitely got to know them a lot more than I had. Maybe the class would not have been as good if it were mandatory and it consisted of 20 people. If it were mandatory, it would probably turn from dynamic conversation and learning to being stagnant and mundane. The great thing about elective courses is that everyone in them wants to be in them and wants to contribute to the class. This definitely happened in our class.

So maybe this class should not be mandatory, seeing as how some students will not open private practice businesses. However, this class may have brought more light to what our strengths are than any other. The self-exploration in this class was a great experience and will definitely help me be a better student, coach, and consultant in the future. Perhaps Jamie’s Psych of Excellence class could tie in some of what we did in this class, specifically finding your strengths and identity. That way, everyone could have the opportunity to experience what we did in our private prac class!